My mum recently had a knee replacement but was still suffering from a lack of mobility and pain behind the joint. She has been for Physio and Acupuncture with Suchit at his Hythe clinic. We can all see a really positive improvement in her walking and she reports a significant reduction in her pain levels. She was treated expertly and understood so much more about what was going on with her condition at the end of her sessions. Highly recommend.

J. S.

I have been using Physios ‘R’ Us ‘on and off’ about 18 months. Suchit Jane is a great physiotherapist. Hes always kind and empathetic and always puts the needs of the patient first. His rates are brilliant I would whole heartily recommend him.

L. C.

Suchit has helped and healed a number of relatives and friends over the years some in cases where previous treatments were of negligible help or even counter-productive.

T. S.

Very quick response for treatment. Home visiting, caring and sympathetic attitude. Acupuncture carried out and advice on pain killers if required. Highly recommend.

B. and G.

Helped me with my back all good now thank you so much.

T. M.

Can only recommend this place. Very friendly and open professional.

M. Z.