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Physiotherapy Services in Kent: Comprehensive Treatment for Pain

Physiotherapy helps restore mobility and movement when certain areas of your body are painful. This could have been caused by injury, illness or disease. It is usually a hands-on treatment, working directly with the affected area to relieve pain and get it moving again properly.

Our professional and experienced clinicians will talk to you about how you’re feeling and how the pain started in order to decide the best way of treating you. Treatments include manual therapy, soft tissue massage, biomechanics, joint manipulation and exercises.

Some of the most common areas that benefit from physiotherapy are your back, neck and shoulders and spinal area. You may have experienced joint pain, postural pain, sciatica, tendinitis, nerve impingement or arthritis, or perhaps suffered a sports injury or undergoing post op rehabilitation.

taping or strapping

Taping Services in Kent: Optimal Support for Athletic Injuries

Taping, or strapping, helps to reduce pain and aids recovery, especially in overuse injuries. It can also be used to help prevent injuries in areas of weakness. Taping works by compressing and limiting movement in the area it is applied to, supporting the healing process, or the ligaments and tendons in the affected area.

Taping can be very beneficial for musculoskeletal conditions like ankle sprains, shoulder injuries, wrist injuries and patellofemoral dysfunction (knee pain). It can be particularly beneficial to those competing in sports events, allowing them to take part without risking further damage.