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Physiotherapy services at care Home for Elderly Patients

As we get older, our muscles and bones change and have different treatment requirements. We take special care of our elderly patients who need assessment and treatment for multiple, complex conditions. These may include post-surgical rehabilitation, walking re-education and osteoarthritis.

We tailor physiotherapy treatment to each individual to help improve your independence and quality of life. We will help you improve your muscle strength and confidence in your mobility. We will set goals that are realistic, achievable and suited to you.

Where necessary, we work with and involve other family members and carers to enable you to reach your maximum potential for independent living. For example, as we get older, our muscles become weaker and we can become less mobile and more dependent on others for daily tasks. This can make you feel isolated and affect your confidence, so we work on getting you and your body as well and mobile as possible. If you are unable to come to our clinic then give us a call and we can arrange one of our fully equipped clinician to come to your home.