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Custom Insoles and Foot Orthotics Services

Our feet take a battering. They keep us upright, help us walk and run, and support us all day. Every time your foot hits the floor, the rest of your musculoskeletal system has to function properly to protect you from injury. So it’s very important to look after our feet!

We all have a different way of walking – our gait – and sometimes rolling outwards too much (overpronation) or inwards (supination) can affect other areas, especially our legs, hips and lower back. If you take a look at where your shoes wear down most quickly, this will give you an idea of any imbalance.

We correct these imbalances with custom insoles. You will have a thorough assessment with one of our specialist physiotherapists, who will discuss with you how best to manage your pain and then make the insole, all in one appointment. We do this by analysing your foot clinically and on our specialist scanner. Then we mould an insole based on your needs and requirements.

We offer different insoles to make sure they are fit for purpose, including for sporting activities, to improving posture, and for arthritic joints. If you have more than one set of footwear that you will be using the insoles with, please bring them in so we can ensure that the insoles fit as much of your footwear as possible.