What is physiotherapy?2023-07-10T13:05:12+01:00

Physiotherapy encompasses a range of interventions, services and advice aimed at restoring, maintaining and improving people’s function and movement and thereby maximising the quality of their lives.

How many appointments / sessions will I need?2023-01-18T11:52:27+00:00

Your physiotherapist will discuss this with you after the initial assessment as the number of appointments you need will vary depending on

  • How long you have had the problem
  • Your goals from the sessions
  • The severity of the problem
Do I have to be referred by a doctor or a GP?2023-01-18T11:53:27+00:00

No, you do not need a doctor’s referral to see us however we do recommend that you contact your private medical insurance company as they may require a medical referral to authorise reimbursement of your treatment charges.

When should you see a physiotherapist?2023-01-18T11:54:41+00:00

We often get asked when the right time is to see a physiotherapist. Here are some of the things we can help you with:

  1. If you are not sure what is causing you pain and discomfort and would like us to assess and give you a detailed explanation about your condition
  2. If your pain or condition is affecting your day to day activities, such as going to work, taking part in sports or going to the gym
  3. If you are having difficulty accessing your GP or NHS services and need our expertise quickly
  4. If you are worried about your activity levels and feel less confident with your balance or that you are at an increased risk of falling
  5. If you would like help with recovery following surgery, for example hip or knee replacement
  6. If you are looking for rehab following a neurological condition such as stroke or brain injury
  7. If you are worried about the weakness of your bladder or bowel and would like to discuss this with a specialist neuro-gynae physiotherapist
  8. If you are unable to get to our clinic and would like a therapist to make a home or care home visit
Who do we see?2023-07-10T13:13:49+01:00

We see and treat people with wide range of health conditions! We have specialists who can treat children and the elderly. And we accept self-paying patients as well as those with private medical insurance.

Some of the typical injuries and conditions we see and treat include sports injuries (sprained or strained muscles, ligament injuries,  tendon problems), arthritic conditions, frozen shoulder, post-surgery rehabilitation, back and neck pain, and sciatica. If your condition isn’t listed here or if you’re not sure what you’re suffering from, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Can I have a Chaperone?2023-01-18T11:55:49+00:00

All Children under the age of must be supervised by an adult during examinations and treatment sessions. If you are a patient over 16, you may bring your friend or relative as an informal Chaperone. You are welcome to bring friends or relatives into the appointment if they would feel more comfortable.

You can request a formal Chaperone such as a member of staff. However, as we have occasions when we may be working alone, it would be helpful if you request for a formal Chaperone at the time of booking your appointment so that we can make a booking to suit your request and make arrangements for a formal Chaperone.

What should I wear to my appointment?2023-01-18T11:56:20+00:00

We suggest that patients wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. clinician will need to be able to see the affected body part, posture and movement may need to be visually assessed so you might want to bring a pair of shorts for lower limb problems and / or a vest-type top to change into for upper body problem if appropriate. If you are uncomfortable with this please let your clinician know in advance.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?2023-01-18T11:56:51+00:00

Be prepared to share your medical history with your physiotherapist. If you are on any regular medication, please bring the details of these medications.

If you have private medical insurance and you have notified them of your claim, please bring the claim number and insurance policy details like the policy number.

If you have had any recent diagnostics like x-rays, CT scans and / or MRI, please bring them with you but this is not mandatory as we may be able to access it with your consent.

How do I know if a physiotherapist is fully qualified?2023-01-18T11:57:20+00:00

It is a statutory requirement for all physiotherapists to be registered with Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC. The registration has to be renewed every two years and we keep up to date certificates for all our physiotherapists. You can check this yourself at Check the Register and find a registered health and care professional | (hcpc-uk.org)

Do you offer home visits?2023-07-10T13:06:12+01:00

Yes, we do offer home visits within the East Kent area. Please call us for more details.

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